About Us

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About Melville Independent plc

From its establishment in 2011 Melville has prospered and grown into a leading advisory firm of enviable repute. With the fair treatment of clients underpinning our business, we do not discriminate and thus offer quality personal service across the board and in doing so help clients reach an informed decision on matters of a core or specialist nature from the whole of the market place.

Two of the key areas in which we operate are wealth management and corporate solutions. Our wealth management division controls in excess of £350 million of clients' funds* and our specialist employee benefits division operate unique flexible benefit packages for companies.

“Committed to your future”

You are unique and so is your wealth. Melville Independent plc is committed to be at your side, protecting what you have, developing it, and eventually passing on your wealth to those important to you. You can count on our experience and our expertise when working with us to create, execute and evolve strategies so your wealth is best placed to do what you want it to do..

At Melville independent plc we know that wealth management means many different things to different people. By gaining a deep understanding of your individual needs we are able to offer a comprehensive and personal approach to managing wealth. 

* Source – Internal Melville Independent plc statistics May 2017