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Pension legislation changes regularly, making it essential to keep on top of these developments and make appropriate changes when required. It is a little surprising, therefore, that what may represent someone's single most valuable asset is often not reviewed as frequently as their other investments.

Legislative changes, introduced in April 2006, attempted to simplify the myriad of rules that apply to pensions; many argue they have actually caused further confusion and uncertainty. Whatever the truth, what is clear is that both opportunities and threats have been created.

Our Wealth Management Advisers have a rounded knowledge of pensions and pensions legislation. They are backed by a specialist technical department, consisting of a number of highly knowledgeable pensions professionals, helping to provide an even deeper level of expertise in a vast and ever-changing arena. This means we can help even with very complex arrangements, particularly for high earners or those with larger pension funds who will have a wider range of choices open to them.